FAQ Fit-4-Travel - Specialised Travel Insurance

How is Fit-4-Travel insurance different than Status Global Insurance's standard travel insurance option?

The primary two differences are that there is no upper age limit on single-trip policies and most pre-existing medical conditions are covered.

Can anyone purchase Fit-4-Travel insurance?

No – currently Fit-4-Travel is only available to UK passport holders. However, non-UK passport holder can get cover if they are insured under the same policy as a UK passport holder.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing medical condition is an injury, illness or disease that you have received medical treatment, medication or advice for or if you have experienced symptoms, even if you have not been diagnosed yet. Always disclose all pre-existing medical conditions prior to purchase.

Do I have to get travel insurance cover for my pre-existing medical conditions?

Medical expenses overseas can skyrocket out of control very easily. If you have not purchased the necessary travel medical insurance, or declare your pre-existing conditions, then you will be liable for any expenses incurred.

Does Fit-4-travel cover all pre-existing medical conditions?

No, but it does cover most pre-existing medical conditions. Instances where we would not be able to provide cover tend to be when a condition has been diagnosed but there has not yet been any treatment. If you have questions about if your medical condition will be covered please feel free to contact us.

Will my premiums increase due to my medical condition?

Premiums will vary depending on your medical condition(s).

Does this policy come with a 24-hour medical assistance helpline?

Yes – here is the contact details for the 24hour Medical Assistance Helpline phone: +44 (0)2035 380492 or email: travelassist@amtrustgroup.com

Are there any optional benefits for this cover?

Yes – there are several optional benefits with this cover.

1. Option to have a nil excess
2. Winter sports cover
3. Golf cover
4. Weddings and civil ceremonies abroad – cover for high value items
5. Natural catastrophe cover – if trip has been cancelled or curtailed due to a natural catastrophe

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions....