Paul O'Sullivan, ACIB, ACA (Part)

Sales & Marketing Director and Shareholder

Paul has been in the insurance industry since 1986. He has significant Board Level experience in the design, sales and marketing of international insurance products on a wholesale and retail basis within the UK and throughout Europe.
He is well known and respected in the European insurance markets. He has lived and travels extensively in the UK, Spain, Cyprus, Portugal and France. Along with Ian, he has built up a significant sub-broker retail base across Europe. He specialises in Sales and Marketing of insurance products and also manages the range of direct to consumer and broker portal websites and SEO for all products.

He has extensive experience in wholesale and retail insurance broking, product development (Travel Insurance, Medical Insurance, Household, Golfing and Personal Accident Insurance). He was responsible for the highly successful Columbus Healthcare scheme placed in Lloyd’s, and has significant experience in working with Lloyd’s and company market Underwriters as well managing Lloyd’s Binding Authorities and maintaining Lloyd’s European cover holder status.