Golf Insurance FAQ

Does golf insurance include liability to the public ?

Status Global Insurance’s Europesure golf insurance policy covers liability to the public as standard up to a sum insured of £/€1,500,000, which includes cover for third party bodily injury and damage to property. However, if you do not require this cover it can be removed, which will result in a reduction in premium.

Does cover include injury to 3rd Parties while using a golf cart or golf buggy?

Yes – damage, or injury, to a third party caused whilst using a golf cart or golf buggy is covered.

Is there an age limit for golf insurance?

Yes – the maximum age for our golf insurance is 79.

I like to golf when I travel, am I covered when I go abroad?

Yes – our golf insurance cover is worldwide as standard.

What length of time can I take out golf cover for?

Our standard cover is for a 12 month policy.

Are my golf clubs covered 24 hours a day when they are in my car?

Your golf clubs are not covered in your car while it is parked near your home or workplace, but at other times, when you are away from your home or workplace, your golf equipment will be covered if your car is locked and your golf equipment is concealed ?

Are my golf clubs covered if I leave them in my locker at the golf club?

Yes – your clubs are covered 24 hours a day in your club locker – in the event of a claim you would need to show forcible entry to your locker was made.

Am I covered if I injure another golfer or member of the public with a wayward golf shot?

You are not covered if you injure one of your playing partners, but provided you have not opted to delete personal liability cover from your cover, then you would be covered for injury to other members of the public or golfers.

Am I covered if I cause damage to a car with a wayward golf shot?

Yes – you will be covered, as long as the incident was an accident and you are playing golf at a recognized golfing venue.

If I become ill or injured, can I claim back my golf club membership fees?

Yes – you are covered if an illness or injury prevents you from playing and will be reimbursed for the period of time you could not play. Please keep in mind that the first months cover following an accident or illness is excluded.

If I get a hole-in-one can I claim for a round of drinks?

Yes! If you are the policy holder and get a hole-in-one at a recognized golfing competition, than you can claim for the cost of a round of drinks, at the golfing venue immediately following the game up to the limit shown on the Schedule of Benefits in the policy wording .

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions....