Quality Products & Service

We pride ourselves on only providing the best quality products & services to our clients and intermediaries. When it comes to insurance we don’t believe in cutting any corners, whether it is a product we have developed ourselves or a products we provide through one of our partners, you can rest assured you will have the best cover that meets your budget.

Wide Range of Products

There are many areas in life that could, and should, be covered by insurance to protect both health and wallet from the unexpected. At Status Global Insurance there is a wide range of products, offering cover in many areas of personal life, all under one roof, saving both time and money. Our products also offer flexible benefit options so that we can meet changing needs and budgets.

Extensive Product Knowledge & Industry Experience

Status Global Insurance is a company grounded in providing quality products with integrity. Our company was founded 30 years ago and is still run by it’s founding directors. The board members’ extensive knowledge and experience goes beyond 30 years in the insurance industry. They are also seasoned global travellers and/or experienced expatriates themselves, which gives them unique and invaluable insight into the needs of people living in Europe and outside their country of nationality, enabling them to offer products with features they have personally identified.