Car Rental Insurance

Did you know that when you rent a car, if it is damaged or stolen you could be left paying the bill?

When you hire a car, rental companies usually charge a high excess for any claims that arise from loss or damage to the rental vehicle. This excess can range from hundreds to over a thousand Pounds/Euros per incident.

So if you have an accident, or the vehicle is stolen, or damaged, you have to pay the excess amount to the car hire company, even if the incident wasn’t your fault!

Most car hire companies will offer you Collision Damage Waiver Insurance, which enables you to remove or reduce the excess. This is nearly always very expensive and you will almost certainly be able to find similar cover cheaper.

In partnership with All Seasons Underwriting Agencies (ASUA) we can offer Basic and Premium cover if you are aged between 21 – 75 years old.

You can purchase for a single trip, or opt for an annual car hire insurance policy where you can hire as many cars as you like on your trips and have the peace of mind that your excess is covered if you have a mishap in your hire car. The policy has lots of additional benefits, like covering you for the costs of being locked out of your car and accidentally putting the wrong fuel in.


  • Avoid huge car hire Excess charges
  • Save on buying from us instead of the car hire company
  • Key Cover - if you’re locked out or lose keys
  • Mis-Fuelling cover – if you use wrong type of fuel
  • Curtailment cover – if your trips cancelled or cut short
  • Tow charge cover – after an accident or breakdown
  • Drop Off Charges – if you are hospitalised and can’t return your car
  • Even Road Rage & Carjacking Cover
Car Hire Insurance

If you frequently rent cars at home, or abroad, then the annual multi-trip policy may be an even more affordable option saving you both time and money compared to buying single trip car hire insurance. The annual multi-trip cover car rental period options are either 31 and 45 days maximum duration per trip, unlimited trips in a policy year.

Please be aware that some car hire and vehicle rental companies may try to scare you into purchasing their own policy by telling you this Car Hire Excess policy is not valid – THIS IS NOT TRUE! This is a sales tactic to try and get you to buy their policy. This policy is independent of your vehicle rental agreement.

At date of issue the minimum age for this policy is 21 and the maximum age is 75.