EHIC in France Top-Up Cover

The French National Health System is different from many other EU countries. Where many EU countries offer free, or nearly free, medical treatment, the French system requires a partial contribution of 20%-30% for both residents and visitors. This leaves visitors to France, who are relying solely on their EHIC, susceptible to medical costs that won’t be reimbursed by their home country. It is also important to note that certain expenses, such as medical repatriation, are never covered by an EHIC.

Getting the right travel insurance in place can take care of these issues, but cost, pre-existing medical conditions and age can often make obtaining travel insurance difficult or non-existent.

This is why Status Global Insurance developed our “EHIC in France” top-up cover option. The “EHIC in France” policy would cover the medical expenses not covered by an EHIC, without all the travel insurance restrictions and at an affordable rate.

The following is a list of key features of our "EHIC in France" product - several of these benefits are not covered by your EHIC or most travel insurance products:

  • No Upper Age Limit
  • No Exclusions for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions
  • Covers Repatriation & Funeral Expenses
  • Policy wraps around the French National Health system
  • Direct Settlement of Hospital Bills
  • 24 hr. Assistance for Repatriation or Funeral Expenses claims
  • No Medical Questions or Medical Screening Required
  • Online Sign Up with Instant Documentation in English
  • Underwritten at Lloyd’s of London

Winter Sports Cover Option Now Available!

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*Data taken from – Travel Insurance Facts